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    Christophe Courchesne is a Senior Attorney for Conservation Law Foundation in New Hampshire, where he focuses his practice on climate change and energy policy, energy siting issues, and environmental enforcement litigation. In his advocacy for CLF, he has written and presented extensively on regional energy policy and markets, including the role of coal, natural gas, and imported hydropower, and the energy and environmental impacts of the Northern Pass project. Before joining CLF in 2011, Christophe was a senior associate at Goodwin Procter LLP, where he practiced environmental, energy, and land-use law. Christophe is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts–Amherst and Harvard Law School and served as a law clerk to Justice Robert J. Cordy of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.


    Choosing an Energy Future        Download the pdf file: pdf

    As the consequences of our fossil fuel economy and global climate change hit home, we face a series of pivotal energy decisions in New England, in New Hampshire, and in our local communities. The reliability and price of the imported fossil fuels that still power our homes, businesses, and vehicles have never been less predictable. Utility and large energy companies are proposing billions of dollars of new energy infrastructure investment, including megaprojects like Northern Pass and natural gas pipelines. At the same time, distributed renewable technologies and efficiency resources are out-competing conventional energy sources by offering better returns and resilience, even without accounting for the high environmental and societal costs of imported fossil fuels. What choices should communities, businesses, and households make to build a cleaner, affordable energy future that, at long last, works to our advantage?


    WORKSHOP A.    Understanding and Tracking Your Energy Use

    Gain a solid understanding of how to organize your energy bills, measure your Energy Use Index (EUI) and evaluate the results of an Energy Audit. Presenters will share their own experiences with energy audits and best approaches to an energy management plan.

    Margo Connors , Sugar Hill Homeowner

    Gil Richardson , Energy Analyst

    Bob Tortorice , Building Alternatives


    WORKSHOP B.    Netzero Building - Approaches for the North Country

    New building techniques and technologies combined with solar PV can reduce your energy expense to zero. Hear how this is accomplished and about successful Netzero homes.

    Ben Southworth, Garland Mill



    WORKSHOP C.    Tightening Up Your Building or Home

    Replacing windows, adding insulation, improving ventilation and sealing up air leaks may not sound revolutionary, but they have a major impact on the energy efficiency and comfort of your home. Learn about new approaches and technologies and their impact.

    Gil Richardson, Energy Analyst

    Erin Woo, Bethlehem Homeowner


    WORKSHOP D.    The Bigger Picture - Updates on Energy Issues        Download the pdf file: pdf

    The energy picture is rapidly changing locally, nationally, and globally. Hear about the latest in energy policy development, the recently released NH Energy Strategy, how adoption of renewable energy generation is growing and what this means for the future of our energy supply.

    Christophe Courchesne , Conservation Law Foundation

    Kate Epsen , NH Sustainable Energy Association 

    Laura Richardson, Jordan Institute


    WORKSHOP E.    Modern Wood Heat Options

    New Hampshire is the Saudi Arabia of wood. These experts will cover the latest in wood pellet and biomass heating, masonry heaters, and the favorable impact of wood heat on forest management and the economy in the North Country.

    Rick DeMark, NH Wood Energy Council

    Bill Church, White Mountain Science

    Erik Nilsen , Stone Mason

    Harriet Taylor and Dinny Richmond , Abbie Greenleaf Library


    WORKSHOP F.    Solar Works in the North Country

    The ReVision Energy’s Solar Designer, Craig Cadieux, will provide insights into making solar work in the North Country and North Country resident, David Strange, will share his experience living with solar.  We’ll explore options for making electricity, heating water, and space heating using the sun and review components that make up these systems in a straightforward, easy to understand presentation.  Insights will be provided to allow you to identify good solar sites and quantify the benefits derived from a solar system on your own site. Costs and benefits, available financing, and rebates will be reviewed for homeowners, businesses, and non-profits. Bring a copy of a recent electric bill and begin your solar evaluation process today!

    Craig Cadieux, ReVision Energy     

    Dave Strange, Franconia Homeowner


    WORKSHOP G.    Opportunities for Funding and Financing         Download the PowerPoint presentation: ppt

    What are the major considerations for any energy project, what incentives are available, and what else isimportant to know when approaching your bank? These panelists will share their experiences and walk through the basics.

    Rob Constantine, White Mountain School

    Kate Epsen, NH Sustainable Energy Association

    Sarah Simonds, Vital Communities

    Terry Daniels and Barbara Bullard, Woodsville Guaranty Savings Bank


    WORKSHOP H.    What is a Heat Pump? - A New, Fuel-saving Technology

    Generating heat from COLD outside air? Huh? Yes, it’s true and based on established physical science. The technology built on these principles has been greatly improved upon in today’s new heat pumps. Hear how these work, the differences between geothermal and air source heat pumps, and how these can save you money.

    Bill Church , White Mountain Science

    Dan Crosby , Profile School

    Ray Klinger , ARC Mechanical

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